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Researchers' Proposals

Researchers' listing by name

Prof. Veronika ADAMSemmelweis University (Dept. Medical Biochemistry)
Prof. Miklos ANTALUniversity of Debrecen (Medical and Health Science Center)
dr. Gusztav ARZBudapest University of Technology and Economics (Department of Manufacturing Engineering)
Prof., dr. Gyorgy BAGDYNational Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology (Laboratory of Neurochemistry and Experimental Medicine)
MD.; PhD.; DSc, Gyula BAKOUniversity of Debrecen (Medical and Health Science Center)
dr. Borbala BALOResearch institute for Viticulture and Enology of agricultural Ministry,
dr. Gyorgyi BARTAHungarian Academy of Sciences (Centre for Regional Studies, Budapest Department)
dr.PhD Judit BERES National Center for Epidemiology (Dept. of Human Genetics and Teratology)
dr. Gyorgy BIROSemmelweis University, college of Health Care, (Department of Dietetics)
dr. Laszlo BODIInstitute for Small Animal Research
dr. Krisztina BOGISemmelweis University (2nd Dpt. Of Pathology)
Karoly BOKAEötvös University (Department of Plant Anatomy)
Marta BORMÁV Hospital (Porphyria Center)
dr. Andras BOZSIKUniversity of Debrecen, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences (Department of Plant Protection)
Prof. Laszlo CSIBADebrecenUniversity (Department of Neurology)
Peter CSONTOSAgent-Lab Research, Design, Development and Consulting Ltd.
dr. Annamaria DAMNational Research Institute for Radiobiology and Radiohygiene (Dept. Cellbiology)
Prof., dr. Sandor DAMJANOVICHUniversity of Debrecen (Medical and Health Science Center)
Prof., dr. Imre DEKANYUniversity of Szeged (Dept. of Colloid Chemistry )
Prof. Gabor DIBOEötvös Loránd University (Department of Organic Chemistry)
PhD,DSc Andras DINNYESSzent István University
dr. Andras FALUSSemmelweis University
dr. Istvan FEHERSzent István University
dr. Istvan FERENCSIKVATI kht
dr. Csaba FERENCZEötvös University (Space Research Group)
dr. Zoltan FLECKEötvös Loránd University (Department for legal sociology )
Janos FOLDESSYUniversity of Miskolc
PhD Istvan FORIZSHungarian Academy of Sciences (Laboratory for Geochemical Research)
Prof. Gyorgy FULEKYSzent István University (Dept. Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry)
dr. MD, MDsc Zsuzsanna FURSTSemmelweis University (Dept. of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy)
Ida GERENDAISemmelweis University (Neuroendocrine Research Laboratory, Dept. Human Morphology & Developmental Biology)
dr. Laszlo A. GOMZEUniversity of Miskolc (Department of Non-metallic MaterialsTechnology)
Dr. Jozsef HAJDUHungarian Institute of Agricultural Engineering
Balazs HAMORIUniversity of Debrecen (Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Center for Postgraduate Studies)
dr. Zoltan HELLBudapest University of Technology and Economics (Dept. of Organic Chemical Technology)
dr. Andras HIDASInstitute for Small Animal Research
Ferenc HORVATHEotvos Lorand University (Department of Geophysical)
dr. ILLES B. CsabaSzent István University, Fac. Of Economics and Social Sciences (Institute of Business Economics)
Tamas JANCSOUniversity of West Hungary, College of Geoinformatics
dr. Galina JENEYFish Culture Research Institute
dr. Geza KADARPecsi Vizmu Rt.
dr. Erika KALMANChemical Research Center
dr. MD, MDsc Karoly KELEMENSemmelweis University (Dept. of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy)
dr. Zoltan KERENYIRes.Inst.Viticulture and Enology
dr. Krisztina KERESZTELYHungarian Academy of Sciences (Centre for Regional Studies, Budapest Department)
dr. Adam KERTESZHungarian Academy of Sciences (Geographical Research Institute)
dr. Ferenc KILARUniversity of Pécs (Central Research Laboratory, Faculty of Medicine)
dr. Imre KIRICSIUniversity of Szeged, (Applied and Environmental Chemistry Department)
dr., P.h.D KISNÉ DO THI Dong Xuan Institute for Small Animal Research
Prof., dr. Janos KODACSYKecskemét College (Faculty of Technology)
Attila KOROMPAIUniversity of Economic Sciences, Public Administration, Faculty of Business Administration (Department of Geography, Institute of Environmental Studies,)
M.D; PhD Tamás KOVACSDebrecen University (Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology)
dr. Kornelia KOZMUTABudapest University of Technics and Economy
dr. Janina KULKASemmelweis University (2nd Dpt. Of Pathology)
dr. Krisztina LIPTOIInstitute for Small Animal Research
László MAGO Hungarian Institute of Agricultural Engineering
Prof. Gyula MARTONUniversity of Veszprem (Department of Chemical Enginnering)
Anna MEDVE HARMATNEUniversity of Veszprem (Dep. Information Systems)
Tamas MICSIKTechnical University Budapest (Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology)
dr. Pal MIHALTZBUDAPEST UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY AND ECONOMICS (Chemical Engeneering Department Environmental Pilot Laboratory )
dr. Andras MIHALY MDUniversity of Szeged (Department of Anatomy)
Prof. Jozsef MOLNARUniversity of Szeged (Instiute of Medical Microbiology)
Dr. Maria J. MOLNARNational Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology
Sandor MOLNARSystemexpert Ltd
Balazs MORVAIAgruniver Environmental Service and Management Ltd
Prof. Laszlo MUSZBEKUniversity of Debrecen (Department of Clinical Biochemistry and Molecular Pathology)
dr. Laszlo NAGYUniversity of Debrecen (Medical and Health Science Center)
dr. Pal PERJESIUniversity of Pécs (Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry)
dr. Gyorgy PONGORBudapest Univ. of Technology and Economics (Department of Telecommunications)
Prof., Dr. Jozsef PUCSOKNational Institute for Sport Medicine
Agnes ROTAR SZALKAIGeological Institute of Hungary
Prof. Gabriella SARMAYLorand Eotvos University (Department of Immunology)
dr. Laszlo SIMANDIHungarian Academy of Sciences, (Chemical Research Center, )
Prof. Matthias SIPICZKYUniversity of Debrecen (Department of Genetics and Molecular Biology)
dr. Judit SKOPALNational Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology, National Stroke Center
Dr. Janos SOLYOMII. Department of Pediatrics
dr. Beata SPERLAGHHungarian Academy of Sciences (Institute of Experimental Medicine)
dr. Balazs SUMEGIUniversity of Pecs Faculty of Medicine (Department of Biochemistry and Medical )
R.PhD Istvan SZABOGenoID Ltd.
dr., P.h.D Istvan SZALAIInstitute for Small Animal Research
dr. Csaba SZALAIHungarian Academy of Sciences; NET (Section of Molecular Immunology, )
Zsolt SZENDRO D.S.cUniversity of Kaposvár, Faculty of Anim. Sci.
Prof. Dr Eva SZOKE D.S.cSemmelweis University, Faculty of Pharmacy (Department of Pharmacognosy)
Eva TALL P.h.DInstitute for Political Sciences
dr. Miklos TISZAUniversity of Miskolc (Department of Mechanical Technology)
Univ. Prof. Dr Tivadar TULASSAYSEMMELWEIS UNIVERSITY (I. Department of Pediatrics)
dr. Eszter UJHELYISaint Laszlo Hospital
dr. Csaba VAGVOLGYIUniversity of Szeged Faculty of Sciences (Department of Microbiology)
Dr. Magda VARSANYI LAKATOSNEBay Zoltan Institute for Materials Science and Technology
Vilmos VASPALFreesoft Ltd.
dr. Pal VECSEYVATI kht. (Research and Monument Office)
dr. Beata VERTESSYHungarian Academy of Sciences (Institute of Enzymology)
dr. Maria ZAMSemmelweis University Health Care College
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