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5th RTD Framework Programme

Success stories - IST

IST (Information Society Technologies)

Listing by project title

IST-2001-34641NATURE-GISA European thematic network for protected areaS/NATURE preservation and Geographical Information
IST-2001-33296ASTHMAWEBASTHMA Public Awareness Enhancement and Collaboration Management over the WEB: ASTHMAWEB
IST-2001-34123INTERMONAdvanced architecture for INTER-domain quality of service MONitoring, modelling and visualisation
IST-2001-37258AFOROAgri-FOod ROadmap. A vision and work plan to implement future RTD trends fro the transformation of agri-food industries into digital companies
IST-2001-38240ACTENAnticipating Content TEchnology Needs: business monitor & know-how transfer
IST-2001-32007APPOL IIApproximation an Online algorithms for Optimisation Problems
IST-1999-14084APPOLApproximation and On-line Algorithms
IST-2000-28077APART2Automatic Performance Analysis: Real Tools
IST-2000-25183COFURNCO-operation for consensus, standardisation and interoperability to support e-com services in the FURNiture sector
IST-2001-32521CITROClustering Individual TRuck Owners
IST-2001-32012CO-ORTHOGONAL CODESCo-Orthogonal Codes in Cryptography, Data Security, Watermarking and in Entity Authentication
IST-2000-28618BIDMEDCo-operative BIDding in the MEDical sector
IST-1999-10191CENTURI 21Community Empowerment Network Through Universal Regional integration for the 21st Century
IST-2001-35485CBSENETComponent Based Innovation Network
IST-1999-20733CAPERSComputer Aided Post for EasteRn States
IST-1999-10287CASTConfigurable radio with Advanced Software Technology
IST-2001-35188CELEBRATEContext ELEarning with BRoAdband Technologies
IST-2001-37496CCMESYS 2Customer support and design Centre for physical MEasurement SYStems 2
IST-1999-57411BIOSIMDevelopment and implementation of guideline and an expert and simulation system for biological revitalisation strategies in the remediation of areas impacted by human activities such as mining, industrial regions and landfills
IST-2000-25000EMERGEDissemination and Technology Transfer of Emerging IST Results to European Union Associated Countries
IST-1999-19007DICTAMDynamic Image Computing Using Tera-speed Analogic Visual Microprocessors
IST-2001-35179E-GAPE-society Gap Assessment Project
IST-1999-20188EUTIST-IMVEUropean Take-up of essential Information Society Technologies - Integrated Machine Vision cluster
IST-1999-20226EUTIST-MEUropean Take-up of essential Information Society Technologies - Technologies for Medical applications
IST-2001-33536E3WORKEastern Europe e-Work
IST-1999-20801EDIBOLD-SCSElectronic Data Interchange For Batch Operations Logistics & Design - Supply Chain System
IST-2000-25252BEPROEnabling Best Practices For Oncology
IST-1999-13420EMERGENCEEstimation and Mapping of Employment Relocation in a Global Economy in the New Communications Environment
IST-2000-26436WG-ECUAEuropean Cots User Working Group
IST-2000-29355HEREIN 2European HErItagE Network
IST-2002-26226L-CHANGEEuropean Observatory on IST-related change in learning systems
IST-2000-28221EUTIST-AMIEuropean Take-up of Essential Information Society Technologies - Agents and Middle Ware
IST-2000-29425REDESTExperiment Based Cross Fertilisation and DisseminaTion of Requirements Gathering Techniques
IST-2001-33526 FLEXWORKFlexWork - free help for small business
IST-2001-37627FISTERAForesight on Information Society Technologies in the European Research Area
IST-2000-26417GN1Geant Network
IST-2001-34162GENESYSGeneric Systems Supervision
IST-2001-32133GRIDLABGridLab - A Grid Application Toolkit and Testbed
IST-2001-38015HEREIN 2EHEREIN 2 extension to NAS partners
IST-1999-14184IDEALIST-5FPInformation Dissemination and European Awareness Launch for the IST Programme under the 5th Framework Programme
IST-2000-26117STEMNETInformation Technology For Stem Cell Registries Network
IST-2000-29264ICAROS NETIntegrated Computational Assessment of urban air quality via Remote Observation Systems NETwork
IST-2001-38404IMOSIntelligent Modular Multi-sensor Networked False Alarm Free Fire Detection System
IST-1999-10664SCALEInternet-based intelligent tool to Support Collaborative Argumentation-based LEarning in secondary schools
IST-2000-28422JENETJoint European Network on Embedded Internet Technologies
IST-2001-37435LABELSLightwave Architectures for the processing of Broadband ELectronic Signals
IST-1999-12256MATCHPADMAchine Translation systems for the use of Hungarian and Polish Administrations
IST-2000-29651MEDIA-ISFMedia-Information Sans Frontières
IST-2001-34465BUSIDISSMicrosystems Awareness, DISSemination, Coordination & BUSiness Development
IST-2001-32008MOLCONETMolCoNet - A thematic network on molecular computing
IST-1999-10315M2DMMulti-Access Services for telematic Management of Diabetes Mellitus
IST-1999-11214HELINETNETwork of Stratospheric Platforms for Traffic Monitoring, Environmental Surveillance and Broadband Services
IST-2001-33013NETPACKNETwork of excellence in microelectronic system integration technologies-PACKaging
IST-2001-32111NEXT TTANEXT TTA - high-confidence architecture for distributed control applications
IST-2000-29656PLANETNetwork of Excellence in AI Planning
IST-2001-32786NEFERTITINetwork of Excellence on broadband Fiber Radio Techniques and its Integration Technologies
IST-2001-37238OPENMOLGRIDOPEN computing GRID for MOLecular science and engineering
IST-1999-14203WIDENETOffering World-Wide Services through an International Network on Health Records
IST-2000-28721PIDSSPostal IT Directions Strategic Study
IST-2000-28722PEITPowertrain Equipped with intelligent Technologies
IST-1999-12529PROFITPrediction of Temperature Gradients Influencing the Quality of Electronic Products
IST-2001-32227RESPECTProfessional and Ethical Codes for Technology-related Socio-Economic Research
IST-1999-29088PRISMAProviding Innovative Service Models and Assessment
IST-2001-37348EUROTRAININGProvision of microsystems and related training in Europe
IST-2001-33199REGIONAL-ISTREGIONAL INDICATORS of e-Government and e-Business in Information Technologies
IST-2000-30193REASONREsearch and Training Action for System ON Chip Design
IST-2000-25182DATAGRIDResearch and Technological Development for an International Data Grid
IST-2001-39107RURAL WINSRoadmap for ICT solutions for RURAL Areas and Maritime Regions
IST-1999-12245SODASODA. Integration and exploitation of networked solar radiation Databases for environment monitoring
IST-1999-11908PLAY2SW for: storage of various music input, conversion of different Braille syntax into sound, graphic, Braille output and telematics access
IST-1999-10003SPEECONSpeech Driven Interfaces for Consumer Applications
IST-1999-12583METAWAREStatistical Metadata Support for Data Warehouses
IST-2000-31099STILEStatistics and indicators on the labour market in the e-economy
IST-1999-57283SMILESuperior Modules for Internet-based Learning Environments
IST-1999-13109REHAROBSupporting Rehabilitation of Disabled Using Industrial Robots for Upper Limb Motion Therapy
IST-1999-11135SILKSystem Integration via Logic & Knowledge
IST-2000-28162TEAMWORKTechnology Exploitation and Adaptable Methodologies offering new Organisational Models and Practices for e-Working Teams
IST-1999-20193TEDIPTechnology, Economics and Diversity in the Periphery
IST-2000-28404TELEMARATelematic Management For Ready-to-Wear Satellite Workshop
IST-1999-57401CITYLOGThe Modernisation of the City Logistic
IST-2001-34546PUBLICVOICEXMLVOICEXML Trial for an Open Source Reference Implementation
IST-2001-52213WEB CONSYSWEB-based, wireless CONference info-SYStem
IST-1999-12538WHALESWeb-linking Heterogeneous Applications For Large-scale Engineering And Services
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